The most beautiful Animal Print Shoes for Fall

by Ivana
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My dears, first of all I’d love to thank you all for your congratulations and lovely private messages on Instagram and Facebook. This really means a lot and I am so happy that you are happy for me having Mateo. Today I’d love to continue with a fashion blogpost and to show you my new shoes from the Deichmann Star Collection. No, I was not shopping 🙂 I still try to approach low shopping because of environmental and financial reasons and in order to declutter my home. In fact it does not matter if you prefer fast or high end fashion, buying what you love, value and appreciate is the key.

This animal front high heels were a gift from my family from Serbia. While for the most countries Rita Ora is promoting the Star Collection for some other countries Deichmann collaborated with local stars like with the famous singer Milica Pavlovic for the Serbian market. That’s also how I spotted the animal front high heels.

Animal Print Hochpumps

Animal Print Hochpumps Graceland

It was love at first sight, but unfortunately I learned that they were not available in Austria – at least not in that color and print. Here in these parts you only find them in black.

Animal Print Hochpumps GracelandI

Animal Print Hochpumps Starcollection Senorita Milica

So obviously the Star Collection with its shoes is not identical and differs a bit from country to country. By the way they are now on sale and since they are very comfortable I got them myself in black too, especially since the versatile color goes perfectly with all prints and colors. In Germany you can get them in both colors.

Beautiful Animal Print Shoes for Fall

nimal Print Hochpumps

How do you like my new animal front high heels? Did you get yourself something from the Star Collection?