The most beautiful Touchscreen Gloves

by Ivana
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In collaboration with My dears, it´s Christmas time, the most amazing period of the year. As much as I love this time, there is one bad thing about it. We tend to overspend our hard earned money, cause we are surrounded by too cute stuff around Christmas and great offers and sales. Social Media makes it even easier to spend money. I have to confess that also I love to spend a lot of money in December. First of all I love Christmas and I love to pamper my lovely ones. Nevertheless I try to stay focused and to keep applying low shopping at least when it comes to my own wardrobe. Something that was missing in my closet were touchscreen gloves. I love winter in Europe, especially when it is snowing, but I hate the coldness.

handyhü Touchscreen gloves

We are all kind of addicted to our mobile phones, why we all should own at least one pair of touchscreen gloves. To me it‘s important that such gloves are not only touchscreen-sensitive, but are also keeping the hands warm and are fashionable. Such perfect touchscreen leather gloves in different colors and styles you‘ll find online at I fell in love with a leopard print pair, a black pair and some pretty burgundy gloves, which I can easily combine with a black, checked or animal print coat. In my opinion touchscreen gloves are also always a great gift idea or investment for yourself, especially since they are fulfilling two relevant categories. They are practical and stylish. In general are gifts for our mobile phones, tablets etc. like iPhone X cases, other iPhone cases and mobile phone accessories always a great idea.

touchsceen gloves at

So I got for my Apple Macbook Air a case in marble style and a suitable bag for it. Do you have touchscreen gloves? How do you like the ones I got myself?