When is it worth to invest in Fashion?

by Ivana
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My dears, first of all a Happy New Year with lots of love, health and happiness! I hope you all had a merry Christmas and wonderful holidays! One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to continue with low shopping and to shop even more conscious. There are many great reasons to do so. One of them is cause I have everything I need and far beyond that. I do declutter on a regular basis, but still feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff. I still spend too mich time on cleaning and organizing my home.

I know that I probably will never become a minimalist, although I am fascinating by this lifestyle, the reasons why I explained here in this blogpost. Yet I want to try harder on low shopping and to spend my money even more careful than last year. This means mostly spending my hard earned money on needs, not wants and spending it wisely. Only investing in pieces I know I will love and use for a long time. The same with gift cards, I try to use them wisely too. I am sure many of us got gift cards for Christmas. No matter if you are spending your money on fast fashion or high end, think twice before purchasing something. Only buy what you need, value, appreciate and love. At least that’s what I am trying.

In my opinion it’s worth to invest in pieces that will stay for a long time an eyecatcher. You read right, you don’t need to buy only classic pieces, if you don’t feel like that and find them boring. There are so many beautiful prints out there that do pass the test of time too. I do love for example animal, paisley and jacquard prints and I am especially into floral pieces! All these prints are a great proof that timeless fashion can be quite interesting.

I have many leopard printed scarves I bought many many years ago, but there are still so pretty and very trendy. Some wonderful leopard printed scarves you’ll find for example at Alba Moda as well as many other great fashionable animal print pieces.

Of what high end piece I am dreaming of? No, it’s not a LV or Chanel bag. I am dreaming of a floral Zimmermann dress – here you’ll find a great selection.

Floral Dress by Zimmermann

In which Timeless fashion pieces have you invested your money recently? What timeless fashion piece is currently on your wishlist? What was your best fashion buy so far? Have you any new year’s resolutions related to fashion for 2020?