My favorite beauty trends for 2020

by Ivana
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In collaboration with Douglas. My dears, let’s take a look at the beauty trends for 2020. I am very happy, that this year is all about naturality. I appreciate this trend a lot, especially since we are mostly – thanks to Instagram -surrounded by the opposite all the time. I am someone who likes to keep it real and in my opinion you can look naturally even wearing make-up and using colors – if you don’t overdo it of course. I love to buy my make-up and care products at Douglas. If you order something online it will be delivered the next day already. I also love to visit their shops because of the wonderful interior and because I love to get lost there while discovering their wide range of make-up . So here we go, here are my favorite beauty trends for 2020.

Red Classic Lips
I have to remind myself that red lips are adorable and look beautiful on almost every woman. I own several shades of red lipsticks but somehow I manage it to never use them. This is something I definitely want to change in 2020, especially since red lips stand for femininity and strength. Maybe here is my issue. On most days I don’t feel concious enough to express this. The best would be to apply red lipstick especially on days when feeling a bit overwhelmed and insecure and to remind myself this way, that I am a strong personality. By the way the pantone red shade ‘fiery red’ is ruling the fashion world 2020. The Ultra Rich Lipstick by Tom Ford is on my wishlist.

Natural Eyebrows
Also called messy or soft eyebrows is a trend I am falling for. Since years I am having my eyebrows in their natural shape and only optimize them a bit here and there. I really hope this trend lasts forever and even if not, who says you have to follow every trend, right? I am probably going to keep the natural shape of my eyebrows forever. Especially since I am a mom and barely have no time. I can recommend you Gimme Brow Mini Gel by Benefit for fuller-looking brows.

Natural Make-up Look
Looking natural even when wearing make-up? Yes baby! This is such a wonderful trend – especially in our fake world that dominates on Social Media – it is such a pleasure to see natural make-up looks. On my days off I love to just put on my mascara before leaving the house. Especially for everyday life obligations like going for groceries or bringing Fabienne to the kindergarten. In summer I am even sometimes brave enough to skip make-up at all. You know when your skin is sun-kissed and you feel prettier than usual. And my hubby likes me the most without any make-up anyway. So thumbs up for a natural make-up look. You can even wear a lot of make-up when it results in a natural look. Since years I am rebuying the Luminous Silk Foundation by Giorgio Armani for a natural look. So we can say that minimalism and skinimalism have reached our beauty world too. If you want to learn more about it as well as to inform yourself about Slow Beauty, Clean Beauty and other beauty movements, I can recommend this interesting read at Harpers  Bazar.

Primer love
Since last year applying a primer before applying make-up is part of my everyday routine. I’ve invested my money in the Prep & Prime & Prep & Prime Fix Rose by MAC and never regret it. Why I love primers? A primer makes your make-up long lasting and thanks to primer your wrinkles are hidden a bit. I love the silky feel on my skin of the Prep & Prime cream too. I use the Prep & Prime Fix Spray as finish for my make-up and on hot days I even use it as primer too.

Dark Lips
Darko lips are a bit mystical. That’s why I like them. Of course they are not perfect for office days, but for ladies nights for example they are great, when meeting girlfriends for having some cocktails. I prefer dark red and dark purple lipsticks like this one here , but I also do have other shades like olive-green  By the way my husband hates dark lips, so maybe you should use lighter shades for date nights if you do care.

A friend of mine gave me recently the advice to skip the beauty category on my blog and to focus more on meaningful topics. Well I decided to continue writing about beauty products. Why? Cause it’s a part of me and my lifestyle. Beauty rituals belong to my morning routine. I enjoy having a little time for myself in the morning, pampering myself a bit before the hectic of the day. On most days that’s the only me time I get and its important that we take care of ourselves and our skin. So don’t let us see beauty as something superficial, in my opinion it’s part of self-care. What is your approach to beauty and what are your favorite beauty trends 2020?



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