Spring and Summer Fashion Trends 2020

by Ivana
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In collaboration with Christine Möller. My dears, I hope you all are doing well. Today´s blogpost is all about some of my favorite trends for warm spring and summer days. Thanks to Corona we were not able to enjoy the spring time like we used to do once, but hopefully we all can have an amazing summer. At least the signs are good. As you may know low shopping is something I embrace, nevertheless I love to invest in few quality pieces every season. And yes skirts and dresses are still my favorite fashion pieces and of course I love accessories, bags and shoes too. So here we go with some of my must-haves for spring and the upcoming summer season. Many of them are designed by Dolce & Gabbana. Of course buying designer pieces is an investment but usually worth the money. And you know sometimes you just can´t resist. The shops are currently full with white blouses, white tunics and white dresses and while I own some very pretty white dresses like this one here I am missing some white shirts in my wardrobe, that I could combine with my floral print skirts.  I am also looking for the perfect white shirt dress.

I am someone who loves colors. Colors do chear us up and can express your attitude of the day. I always loved the combination of blue and white – maybe behause I am such a huge fan of Greece – this year I like to add to this combo the color yellow. By the way as much as I love fashion, I do not follow each trend. Some trends just ain´t my thing like bermudas or hot pants and some I do love on others but not on myself. For example I do like top bras on other women – looking very sexy and elegant at the same time. But as a mom of two, bra tops do not fit my current lifestyle.

Here you´ll find a great read on Fashion Trends for Spring Summer 2020. Shoes with chain elements are real eyecatchers and like last year mules are trending too.  What are your favorite Trends and must-haves for the warm and sunny season?