Mateo’s 1st Birthday

by Ivana
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Hey my dears, long time no see, but here we go with a new blogpost featuring Mateo’s first birthday. The last months were very busy, having two small kids, a job and so many commitments just made it impossible to work on my blog. Now Mateo is going to day care and I am hopefully going to have a bit time for Naomella again. Back to Mateo’s first birthday, actually we wanted to combine his baptism and first birthday like we did back then with Fabienne. But due to Corona we changed our plans. It was just too risky for the godparents to come from Serbia to Austria. So we postponed the baptism and as soon things are getting better with Corona, we will catch up on it. Nevertheless the first birthday is something very special, so we celebrated at home with some dearest ones. I also wanted to have a wonderful cake for my son, so we ordered the cake Blue Sky at Landtmann. The decoration may be familiar to you, this is because we reused some stuff from Mateo’s babyshower, you know frugality and sustainability. I hope, you all are doing well and are safe and able to celebrate the special moments in spite of Corona.