Black Friday 2020

by Ivana
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My lovelies, finally, today is Black Friday, the shopping day of the year. So here we go, for many of us it’s been such a tough year because of Corona. Many have lost jobs or are working less hours than before. On the other side maybe because of such an uncertain year, many of us who can afford it, need exactly an occassion like Black Friday this year to fullfil one wish or another just to feel a bit happier again. Our souls need some pampering in these crazy times. Of course be aware, that Black Friday should never lead to excessive shopping, but it can be seen as a chance to get yourself what you need for a better price or to fullfil yourself a dream. My fashion dreams may come true this Black Friday thanks to Fashionette. So many beautiful designer shoes for half of their price. Of course I love fashion bags too, but I have forbidden myself to invest in any bags in near future! I just have too many of them already! For Fabienne and Mateo and also for myself I love to shop at H&M, so yes I will definitely place an order or two or three in the next days there. I am also a huge fan of Impressionen, so I know already that it will be hard to resist. And don’t forget that the Black Friday is a great opportunity to buy Christmas presents for your lovely ones. You can also buy adventcalender at half of their price last minute. How about you? Are you skipping this year the Black Friday or will you shop? If yes, what’s on your shopping list? And I hope that wherever you are, you are safe and able to pamper yourself one way or another.