nordgreen – the sustainable watch brand

by Ivana
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In collaboration with nordgreen. Hi my dears, I hope you all had wonderful Christmas days and are enjoying your holidays. Are you already thinking about your New Year‘s resolutions? When it comes to shopping I want to make 2021 the year off less. The last years I already tried to buy less stuff, but the last half year I failed at it I‘d say. Like for many others too it‘s been a stressful and not such a great year and somehow I had the feeling to recompense too often. But new year, new rules. I will make a list what I am going to be allowed to buy and replace. Besides buying less and of course therefor of a better quality it also makes sense to take a look behind the brand and its environmental impact. That‘s why I love to introduce to you the Danish brand nordgreen.

nordgreen was established in 2017 and produces watches for men and women with materials of finest standard. The design is minimalistic and elegant.

What I really love about nordgreen is that this brand is aware of its social and environmental responsibility and their sustainable vision.

Our vision is to be a sustainable watch brand that changes the way you view a timepiece.

nordgreen has a Giving Back Programe and partners with NGOs worldwide to support urgent global causes. nordgreen contributed to 6,500 months of quality education, 23,200 months of drinkable water, 742,000 sqm of rainforest protection and provided 9,950 meals.

This December donated toys to less fortunate children. This mission is still going on, so make sure if you buy something til the end of the month to use the code TOYS at checkout and nordgreen brings joy to a kid with a new toy.

By the way my watch is called the Native with blue dial and rose gold mesh starb. I just Fell in love with the blue dial and I love rose gold the most.

Quality over quantity. Hopefully we all will rethink with time and invest in great quality pieces and think more about what our shopping habits cause to the environment.