Downsizing my shoe collection #theyearofless

by Ivana
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heart with a block

Let’s continue with the year of less and the downsizing of my shoe collection. Most of all, I said goodbye to many of my gorgeous high heels. As pretty and sexy as these are, the truth is, I will probably never wear them again, #momlife. Since Fabienne was born, these have simply been standing around. Every morning I make the decision to put on flat and comfortable shoes and, hand on heart, high heels are rarely comfortable. I give the majority of them to a dear friend who can use these heels in the office every day. Yes, I actually also work in an office – but thanks to Corona, I am working from home for over a year now- but I’ve gotten so used to comfortable shoes in the last five years that there is no turning back for me. In retrospect, I ask myself how I was able to do that to myself in my twenties, wearing such uncomfortable shoes. Back then, when buying shoes, the main category was obvioulsy that they do look beautiful. And they truly all still do! I´ve decided to only keep a few heels, because I don’t have the heart to part with them, including two pairs of Jimmy Choo Shoes X H&M, my Sex and the City shoes and Nasty Gal heels. If I never wear them again, but there may still be a rare opportunity, I will pass them on to Fabienne. Anyway, she is enthusiastic about everything that belongs to me and always asks sweetly when she likes something “Mom is this yours?” and as soon as I answered “yes”, she corrects me. “That belongs to mom and Fabienne, right, mommy?” “Yes, my little fashionista”. I don’t know about other moms who have a daughter, but I am infinitely grateful for my little mini me and the special bond we have.

What about you? Are your team high heels or team flat and comfortable shoes or a maybe both?