The most beautiful Wallpapers by Photowall

by Ivana
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In friendly collaboration with Photowall. Who of you knows Photowall and has his apartment with their products already brightened up? I’ve been a big fan of this Swedish brand since last year and I especially like their designer wallpapers. Here you really have the agony of choice, the selection is huge, really huge, so take a lot of time for the search and decision – and when it comes to patterns, one more beautiful than the other. For the renovation of our living room wall, I ordered various samples of my favorites and then decided to go for Lustre Arrangement. Setting on a wallpaper was so hard. I ordered six samples and four of them were an absolute dream. I asked my husband and my brother to help me with the final decision, but they couldn’t decide either because all the patterns were so beautiful. By the way, I definitely recommend ordering samples so you can examine the wallpaper before you order it. Holding a printed sample in your hands is different than examining it on a screen online.

Photowall Sample Lustre Arrangement

Photowall Samples

For wallpapering a wall the basic requirement is that it is smooth. After we have woodchip paint on our walls, the first step was putty work. On the second day we let the putty dry and a few days later we wallpapered. By the way, the wallpaper glue was already included in the order. In addition to wallpaper, Photowall also offers prints and posters. If you want to make a wallpaper/print/poster out of your own picture or illustration, that is also possible at Photowall.

Photowall Murals Lustre Arrangement

The end result exceeded my (and Iwan’s) wildest expectations. The wallpaper gives the living room an incredibly elegant touch and creates a wow factor when you enter the room. Pictures can not capture this. What more could you ask for? By the way, we didn’t put the wallpaper up ourselves, we’d left that to the professionals and that would also be my recommendation to you so that nothing goes wrong, especially if, as in our case, it was a motif consisting of 9 parts you can immediately notice every deviation, no matter how small. With a uniform wallpaper, you can possibly trust yourself to do that. And if you feel like decorating a room or wall with wallpapers/prints/posters, you can use the code naomella25 from June 21, 2021 to August 23, 2021 to save 25% on your order!!! If you want to admire our final result in a reel or Story, head to Instagram @naomella_ivi. See you soon!

Living Room Moral