The most beautiful summer dresses for 2021

by Ivana
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My dears, today I would like to introduce you some beautiful summer dresses. You know, I wear almost every day a dress. so it’s really time for a fashion update on summer dress trends. My closet is filled with different models, but somehow beautiful summer dresses are missing. That´s why buying summer dresses is the big exception in my year of less and shopping is allowed. Here we go:

Pleated dresses
I am in love with pleated clothing. In my closet you´ll find many pleated treasures like some pleated dresses, a few pleated blouses, and definetely too many pleated skirts. Super trendy this year are also pleated culottes. By the way, pleated fabric was formerly reserved for pharaohs and in the Middle Ages for kings and queens. Pleated clothes simply look classy and I love that as well as the fact that you are not allowed to iron pleats. It would be a pity for the beautiful folds. In addition, pleated fabric flatters the figure, because it stretches! Especially pleated skirts with high waistband beautifies the silhouette.

White dresses
White dresses are always worth investing in! Quite simply because these are popular every summer. I prefer to wear them on vacation. Sun, beach and sea without a white dress is unimaginable for me. Whether linen or lace, everything is allowed.

Caftan dresses
I personally love caftan dresses! They are a fashionable eye-catcher and comfortable to wear at the same time. And they are real all-rounders. Elegant enough for the day, chic for the night and casual for the beach or swimming pool. Simply vary for the right occasion jewelry, shoes and bag. This is why I like caftan dresses so much on vacation too, because they can be transformed so easily, making the vacation suitcase lighter. I am one who generally tends to always pack too much, caftan dresses provide relief 🙂 And another huge advantage caftan dresses have, they flatter the figure immensely, thereby increase the general sense of well-being, which in the end has a super positive effect on our charisma.

Ethnologie dresses
Never before have they been as trendy as they are this year. Something that was missing in my wardrobe and I was looking for a long time, was the right ethno dress. Very important to me were 3/4 sleeves with flounce detail, midi length, flared cut. At Alba Moda I found this beautiful dress with expressive ethnic pattern mix.

Floral dresses
Floral dresses have been one of my fashion favorites for years and I can’t imagine the fashion world without them. No matter if tight or wide flared, with or without ruffles, long, midi or short – a beautiful floral pattern stays beautiful forever and is therefore never a bad investment like this beautiful strap dress with floral print by Zimmermann as well as this gorgeous floral dress with butterfly print.

Animal Print
Likewise, dresses with animal print are timeless and therefore you never need to have a guilty conscience when buying them. By the way, how beautiful is this beach dress with beaded embellishment?

Summer Dresses for 2021

What is your favorite piece of clothing in summer? Are you guys big fans of dresses like me?