Mateo’s 2nd Birthday & How to make a cake on budget and in short time

by Ivana
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My baby is no longer a baby, that is definitely certain since his second birthday. My little boy, who sweetens my every day and makes life so much more precious, had wanted a Mickey Mouse cake and of course got one. Originally I had thought to order a cake, but in my head I was creating the cake myself all the time and finally decided to accept this as a sign and took the courage to make the cake myself, more precisely to decorate it myself 🙂 I bought a large Sacher cake and a small chocolate cake. Over the large cake I gave a white fondant, over the small a blue one and put the small cake on the larger. On Amazon I had ordered the figures of Mickey, Minnie, Daisy and Donald to finalize the cake. Voila, so easy it can be, inexpensive and quickly prepared, but with a huge portion of love. Fabienne had great fun as my little kitchen helper, she was allowed to unpack the Disney figures and hand them over to me.