Flacky’s cancer diagnosis

by Ivana
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My dears, today we are sharing some sad news here on the blog. If you are following on Instagram you may already know that our dog Flacky has cancer and we are going to loose him soon. On October 7th in the morning he was shaking, because he was in pain. I quit working immediately and together with my daughter Fabienne we rushed to the emergency room of a vet hospital. Flacky was x-rayed and  had some ultrasound exams and so we learned that he had a ruptured spleen and as a result internal bleeding. The young emergency vet told us that we have two options – to put Flacky to sleep and this is what she does highly recoomend in this case, or for Flacky to undergo a surgery immediatrely. The worst news we could get. There was I together with my beautiful daughter and my world was crashing down. Although the vet wanted me to say goodbye to Flacky forever, I couldn´t do this. I told her, no, I am not going to take away someone´s life, only god decides this. Also by looking in Flacky´s eyes, I could feel that he still wanted to live and to stay with us. The vet had no other option than to organize the surgery. Thankfully the surgeon wanted to talk to me. She explained that the op is very risky. Flacky was very weak and was needing blood transfusions but she also assured me that she is going to do her best to save him And unless the young vet from the emergency she did not recommend to put Flacky to sleep. She said no no, she recommends a surgery, if everything goes fine we are going to gain some precious time with Flacky, short time, but so precious. And she was damn right!!! I thank god for this surgeon! She did the best job, Flacky survived the surgery and here we go 12 weeks later he is still with us and for know he is fine. He has no pain, he is not suffering, he behaves as always, you can only see on his fur that something has changed. The surgeon also recommended chemotherapy to prolong Flacky´s life. She also informed me that dogs do not suffer after having chemo. Flacky got three chemotherapies so far and is going to have his fourth one next week, if his blood diagnosis are okay. By the way the vet costs in Vienna, Austria, are insane. We paid for the surgery 3,023 Euros,  the estimated costs for chemotherapy are 2,600 Euros and so on. Life here got so expensive, that is so insane. At the hospital they told us without chemotherapy Flacky may live one or two months, with chemotherapy a few months more. It´s an akward feeling knowing that everyday it could happen, that Flacky is going to leave us forever and it´s an weird feeling starting 2022 knowing that we are definitely going to loose Flacky soon.

All we can do is to make out the best of every situation and every day we have. Happenings like this are the best reminder to spend time with our lovely ones, to appreciate each other and everything we have, not to waste time, to love people over things, to surround ourselves with the right people and to be thankful.

All I wanted for this Christmas has been, to celebrate it for the last time with our lovely Flacky. I thank got every day for fulfilling my biggest wish. I hope you are all well and safe and I wish you all good health.

Flacky after his surgery