How to afford Jewels by Chanel, LV, Dior & Co. on a low budget?

by Ivana
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Dear friends, I would like to introduce to you the Instagram account shopportunityvintage. Anyone who loves vintage designer jewellery will definitely find something special here! As a normal human being, you can’t or don’t want to afford the beautiful but rather overpriced jewellery by Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior and Co. That’s where the incredible work of Kimberley comes in, making all the bling bling affordable. The fashion stylist Kimberley Sky makes fashionista dreams come true by acquiring original buttons and pendants from the great designers second hand and processing them into wonderful jewellery treasures. Best of all, many of the offered items are one-of-a-kind, which makes it all even more precious. My personal recommendation, if you like a piece of jewellery, grab it right away. I’ve been annoyed a few times that I didn’t, because as I said, there’s no mass production behind it, just lovingly crafted unique pieces or only a very small number of pieces available. I do especially like the Chanel collection, but in my eyes also every other piece of jewelery, especially those by Dior and LV, is really beautiful too. Larisa is now offering even her

In the spirit of the low buy year, this label is more than perfect with its wonderful philosophy of recycling or repurposing already used items and letting them shine in new splendour. Thanks to shopportunityvintage, you get sustainable luxury for little money.

I also have to mention in this blogpost the amazing work of Larissa from serpentmetal. My very first repurposed vintage pieces rerpresent her great work. Larissa is now producing her very own jewels and you can buy those at her website Serpent Metal Jewellery.

I hope that I was able to make one or the other fashionista happy with this insider tips and I hope you are all well and safe.