Une maison en vogue

by Ivana
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In friendly collaboration with pib & Maison En Vogue. Dear ones, They say you should create an oasis of well-being in your own home, a place where you like to return, where you like to stay and retreat and find your inner peace. That’s why I’m happy to introduce you to the interior shops Maison En Vogue and pib today.
Pib offers vintage furniture & vintage decor, Scandinavian and industrial design furniture and retro style lighting. Pib stands for style, quality and timeless design. The products are carefully presented and exclusively in limited collections.

Maison En Vogue specialises in interior design with the intention of offering products that arouse emotions. Decoration is seen as a true lifestyle.

Maison En Vogue is a tree whose trunk combines design and quality. Each of our partner brands is a robust branch with its own identity, but ideally grafted with each other to create a harmonious equilibrium.

Anyone who loves organic materials should take a look at the Pomax range. HKLiving offers wooden furniture with traditional designs complemented by creative or even playful touches. The Danish brand Nordal focuses on highlighting the timeless charm of an antique piece of furniture and bringing character and personality to interiors. The Dutch label Zuiver is considered a trendsetter and, like Dutchbone, focuses on fresh, elegant design with animal and plant aspects. Chehoma travels through time and lines and elaborations from distant times are noticeable in the furniture.

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The brands offered at Maison En Vogue and products from pib sound exciting and promising, don’t they?
Personally, I really like the Bohemian tableware line by Chehoma with its retro and rustic touch and ornate graphic motifs. I think they bring a nice splash of colour to the table and thus create a good mood. Perfect for a short break in your own garden or on the balcony or in the living-dining room and of course for visits. The bright and contrasting colours and patterns are Eastern European inspired and charm the guests. This bohemian line can’t help but simply conjure up cheerfulness on the table.

And for those who currently need or want to be careful with their spendings, it’s definitely worth browsing the websites or searching for the hashtag #maisonenvogue on Instagram to get inspired and pick up the one or another decorating tip for yourself.

Did you already know the shops Maison En Vogue and pib? I hope you are all doing well and that you are all safe!