Nach dem Urlaubsblues

by Ivana
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heart with a block

do you know that As soon as you are back from vacation, you wish to leave again. I always feel like this when I return to Vienna from southern regions. The first few days I always mope, I’m unhappy about being back in my home country and I dream about what it would be like to emigrate (again). I really miss the sea and the sand under my feet and I see myself in sunny European places like Greece (after all, I studied Modern Greek) or Spain (in Barcelona , ​​of course), while Ivan has been talking about how he would love to live in Canada for years. He also often says that if he hadn’t met me, he would live anywhere in the world. Well, what sacrifices you don’t make for the woman of your dreams – hihi 🙂 Why do we both dream of emigrating when we both emigrated as children? Therein lies the appeal of having this experience as an adult. We were just kids back then and it’s more like our parents actually emigrated and took us with them.
As a teenager, it was always clear to me that one day I would emigrate a second time. But as soon as you get older and more responsible, you put some dreams aside. Other things are realized, such as finding the love of his life and the dream of buying a home. And now, now, the implementation would not be as easy as, for example, right after graduation. Ivan and I would have to sell or rent our apartment, we would both have to look for a new job, learn a new language and, for me, the worst of all, leave our family. I can’t imagine living far away from my brother and his kids. Exactly because of this last point, emigration will probably remain just a sweet dream forever. I am all the more grateful that we can call a beautiful city like Vienna our home, even if the fact that we don’t have a sea in Austria will give me after-holiday blues after every beach vacation. 🙂