Ein hellbeiges, kariertes Cape

by Ivana
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In my last post , I promised you an outfit post with my new Tommy Hilfiger rain boots, which you can buy at About You, and voilĂ . 🙂 About a month ago I bought a new cape from H&M and I fell in love with this piece so much that I simply had to buy it in a different color and pattern, which I usually never do. The small investment was worth it, because I wear them all the time and they are one of my absolute favorite pieces this fall. I really hope that capes and ponchos will be „in“ for a very long time, especially since I’m not very into sweaters (I find it hard to find nice models). By the way, I was wearing exactly this poncho when we took the pictures for thislight blue lipstick .

Poncho from H&M

 Burlesque Mineral Lipstick von bellàpierre cosmetics

Hamilton Bag von Michael Kors

 Michael Kors rose gold watch

Michael Kors rose gold watch

I hope you like my outfit! 🙂