Marmor-Statements von Happiness Boutique

by Ivana
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In friendly collaboration with Happiness Boutique . My dears, today I want to show you my new statement necklace with marble stones . From this and this blog post you know that you are very fond of statement jewelry. At Happiness Boutique you will find beautiful and inexpensive statements and so are this and that chain as well as this , this , this and thisEarrings on my current wish list. What I like about this online store is that firstly they offer free shipping and secondly they reward customer loyalty. You get a loyalty point for every euro you spend, but also for writing article reviews and sharing on social media. 100 loyalty points can be exchanged for a postcard from Berlin. For 200 points you get a surprise gift and for 300 points you can choose a statement piece of jewellery. You can find more information about the loyalty points program here . By the way, how do you like my new statement necklace with marble elements? How do you like jewelry with marble stones at all?

Ich habe tolle Neuigkeiten für alle Fashionistas unter meinen Lesern. Mit dem Code naomella bekommt ihr 10% Rabatt auf alle Bestellungen über 19 Euro. Der Gutschein ist gültig vom 29. Mai bis 1. Juli.

Marmor Statements