Schwarzer Freitag 2020

by Ivana
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Dear friends, the time has come, the shopping day of the year is here and lures with lots of great offers. In view of the current situation, many are certainly not in the mood for shopping – not to forget that some people have lost their jobs due to Corona or can work less – on the other hand, we may be longing for something precisely in these somewhat gloomy times Something beautiful to look forward to. If you can, why not do yourself a favor! In general, Black Friday should not degenerate into an excess of shopping, but should rather be seen as an opportunity to be able to buy what you need at a better price. And if you, as a fashionista, have a long-awaited designer dream, then Black Friday can make it come true. I would have quite a few treasures on my wish list, especially a shoe wish list. Where am I going to strike? Clearly, my number 1 isFashionette with her unbelievably great selection of designer bags and shoes. I’ve imposed a shopping ban on myself when it comes to bags, but shoes…hmmm…I always find what I’m looking for at H&M  , both for me and for Fabienne and Mateo – because no label has such cute children’s fashion as H&M in my opinion after. When it comes to impressions , I usually can’t resist. The next few days are also perfect for getting Christmas presents or securing a cool last-minute advent calendar. What about with you? Black Friday shopping this year yes or no? What’s on your wish list this year? Und egal, wo ihr auf der Weltkugel seid, ich hoffe, euch allen geht es gut und seid in der Lage euch etwas auf die eine oder andere Art Gutes zu tun in diesen schwierigen Zeiten!