Fabiennes vierter Geburtstag

by Ivana
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Today’s blog post is dedicated to my sweet daughter Fabienne . Can’t believe it’s been four years since I held my little one in my arms! Four wonderful years as a mom lie behind me! It was so difficult to get there, I am so grateful every day that I was not denied the most beautiful experience in the world! Fabienne’s 4th birthday this year was all about Frozen, as she wanted. Only her best friend from kindergarten with her family and my brother with his kids were invited – all lockdown rules were of course observed and it was such a wonderful day that ended far too quickly. I had ordered the decoration from Amazon, this time the cake was from Cakesie for the first time

had it done and it was really a dream to look at and also very tasty. Since it was a two-tier cake, we were even allowed to choose two flavors, which was  really great, so both the chocolate addicts among the guests and the fruit lovers got their money’s worth. The next fashion blog post will be available on Noamella at the end of the week. Until then, I wish you a wonderful Christmas time with your loved ones and relaxing holidays, because the year 2020 was quite challenging for all of us. And no matter where you are on the globe, I hope you are all doing well!